Ted Petersen

Licensed Real Estate Specialist

Ted Petersen brings an impressive history of experience to Launch Real Estate with his powerful and exciting SportStar Relocation Arizona Business and Team.

Prior to his arrival in Arizona in 2001, Ted excelled at GQ Magazine, The National Football League & Talk Magazine in New York City.  Ted moved to Arizona as Publisher & Partner of the trendsetting CITYAZ Magazine before moving into real estate, which lead to his position as...

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Your proudest moment?
Being selected for the Conde Nast Sales Training Program NYC for GQ Magazine.
Your biggest challenge?
I'm a perfectionist at time to a fault – so sometimes it's a challenge to put a project down.
Your perfect day?
Waking up happy, positive, balanced, and with a smile on my face!
Your biggest inspiration?
My parents, both passed in 1998 and 1999 due to illnesses and everyday I live my life trying to live up to their expectations, standards and teachings.
Your dream profession?
PGA Tour Player or Formula 1 Driver.
Favorite rock star?
Noel Gallagher, Miles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge & Slash), Justin Timberlake or The Weekend.
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