PUHSD Offers Broad Curriculum Options

Posted on Oct 27, 2017
PUHSD Offers Broad Curriculum Options

The Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD) is one of Arizona’s oldest school districts and the largest school district serving only high school students, grades 9 through 12. The number of students attending its 17 high schools is just over 27,000, with a district staff of nearly 3,000. Its motto is “Preparing Every Student for Success in College, Career and Life.”


Seniors in the Phoenix Union High School District were offered a combined $75 million in college scholarships for the 2017 year; that’s a record-setting number. That number in 2016 was $66 million, not including those who received financial aid and grants. It’s clear that PUHSD is doing something right to prepare its students for academic success.


Eleven high schools, three specialty smaller-in-size high schools, and three alternative schools make up the 17 schools within the Phoenix Union High School District. Between all 17 schools, a number of programs and features make the PUHSD unique. They include:

  • 10 magnet programs at six of the schools with one magnet high school. Magnet schools offer a more diverse array of specialty classes and study programs;
  • 30 Career and Technical areas of study;
  • Two schools offer the International Baccalaureate Program (North and Betty Fairfax);
  • Bioscience High School, a small specialty school with an advanced and rigorous curriculum;
  • Franklin Police and Fire High School, which is a National Blue Ribbon School, serves students with interests in public safety careers;
  • Phoenix Coding Academy is devoted solely to computer coding and technological skills;
  • A wide range of ACT exams are given free;
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) college preparatory electives offered at 11 schools;
  • Linda Abril Educational Academy, which is a small alternative school with personalized classes aimed at high-risk students;
  • Camelback is the first Montessori High School program in Arizona; and
  • Free summer school and evening classes for students continuing their education and those just entering the 9th grade to help prepare them.


The PUHSD knows that sometimes larger urban school districts can get a reputation for overlooking some students and often not having the best graduation rates. The Phoenix Union High School District is adamantly fighting those notions and is constantly endeavoring to close the “Achievement Gap.” More than 500 courses in a wide variety of disciplines are offered to students, with emphasis on Honors, AP, and higher education courses that offer college credit. More students than ever are utilizing the dual enrollment option, taking some college courses while still in high school and gaining college credit before they even walk through a set of college doors.

The Phoenix Union High School District places emphasis on its students, continually searching for new and better ways to keep them engaged in the learning process and ensuring they find their way to college. 

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