PVSchools Area Leaders In Educational Enrichment

Posted on Sep 19, 2017
PVSchools Area Leaders In Educational Enrichment

It’s the start of a new school year and Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVSchools) is an exciting place to be. PVSchools gives students a path to follow their dreams and Paradise Valley parents the ability to be as involved in their child’s school events as they’d like to be.

PVSchools Free App

Students, their families, and the school district’s employees can stay in the communication loop with the Paradise Valley Schools Free App. With nearly everyone constantly staying in touch with the world via mobile devices, the PVSchools Free App is taking advantage of the medium to keep everyone in their district better informed, from school news to calendar events and breaking news.

Gifted Preschool Program

Four elementary schools in the Paradise Valley Unified School District offer a Gifted Preschool program, with class size limited to 22 students in each class. PVSchools is one of only a handful of public school districts to offer a Gifted Preschool program in the nation. Teachers are certified and possess a Gifted Endorsement certificate.

New K-8 Option In 2017-2018

Pinnacle Peak now includes a 7th grade option and will evolve to a complete Premier K-8 School in the 2018-2019 school year. This change is exciting for several reasons, which include:

  • Smaller classes for a more individualized learning experience
  • Better able to identify gifts and challenges of every student
  • Wider variety of extracurricular activities from which to choose
  • Robust selection of elective classes
  • Study suggests higher academic ratings in math and reading
  • Signature programs, such as Project-Based Learning

PVSchools North Valley Arts Academies (NVVA)

The NVVA provides an excellent opportunity for Fine Arts students to showcase their talents within their local community. The group was given an amazing opportunity to partner with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock and Thunderbird Art Center.  Through this relationship, many avenues have opened for students to come together with the local art community through their artistic endeavors.

PV Flier Partner Program

This program allows a greater interaction between business’ educational services and products and students’ families. It is a two-way street whereby businesses and students can both benefit. Businesses can share opportunities for community events, such as fairs, concerts, day camps, scouting, mentoring programs, driving schools, professional services, fitness classes, and sports leagues, just to name a few. Parents can then take advantage of these services, if they so choose.

The Paradise Valley Unified School District is growing right along with its students, evolving each year to fine-tune every resource to the changing needs of students and their families.

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