Why Uptown Phoenix Should Be Your Next Move

Posted on Nov 14, 2017
Why Uptown Phoenix Should Be Your Next Move

The modern lifestyle offered in Uptown Phoenix has brought buyers of all ages flocking to this area for many reasons. This great walkable neighborhood community consists of everything from retirees to diverse young professionals to growing families.

This community has a hip and trendy vibe that is unique to only this area of town. Education, entertainment, and culture are a top priority to its residents and are the reasons many are calling Uptown Phoenix the new, affordable Arcadia.

Entertainment & Activities

One of the most important aspects of a neighborhood is its amenities. Phoenix home buyers are often not aware of the lifestyle Uptown Phoenix has to offer until they live here. It is a place of character and history. It is a place for families and friendships.

On any given day you can find individuals and families walking down the path on the canal, going to one of the numerous parks or running through the hills of Piestewa Peak. If you are in the mood for some food or entertainment, you can hop on the light rail for a quick ride to Uptown Plaza or The Colony where you can find an array of restaurants, coffee shops and bars filled with friendly families and neighbors.

Jeffery Wilde of Launch Real Estate, an Uptown Phoenix expert as well as resident says the community “is a good melting pot of people that just like being around each other. That’s what I love about Uptown Phoenix. It is people that want to be around people.”


Aside from the entertainment, residents of Uptown Phoenix love being a part of the Madison School District.  The Madison School District has an “A” rated elementary school district offering an extraordinary learning experience for all students in grades preschool through eighth. The teachers are involved with the community and there are a handful of opportunities for parents to be involved with the school as well. Madison School District is one of the many reasons young families are looking to move to this community.

Whether it be education or entertainment, Uptown Phoenix is sure to offer a unique and affordable living experience to its residents. Centrally located to the airport this neighborhood offers homes in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone from retirees to young professionals to growing families. For more information on Uptown Phoenix, contact Jeffery Wilde or any of our Launch Real Estate agents.