Del Norte Place

One of Phoenix's quintessential historic neighborhoods, Del Norte Place represents a preserved piece of history — a neighborhood of homes from the late 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

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Welcome to Del Norte Place

The early part of Phoenix.
Phoenix's historic neighborhoods are well-known — Coronado, Encanto, F.Q. Story and more — and among all the history is Del Norte Place, an enclave of homes located from Virginia Avenue to Encanto Boulevard, from 15th to 17th Avenues. At roughly one-quarter of a mile in size, Del Norte Place is one of the smallest historic districts, but undoubtedly also one of the most charming.

The Neighbors

Residents of Del Norte Place are families, history buffs, and preservation enthusiasts.
When Del Norte Place homes went up for sale in 1927, it was advertised as the "countryside west of town." Indeed, the community is bordered by the lush acreage of Encanto Park on one side which helps maintain its "countryside" roots. When driving or walking the neighborhood today, it’s easy to imagine that it's still on the outskirts of the city — not just a couple of miles from the hustle and bustle of City Hall.

What To Expect

Pre-war cottages and ranch homes, sized at approximately 1,500 square-feet.
Del Norte Place offers great examples of architecture styles that were particularly popular in post-Depression America. Most homes were built as English cottages in the 1930s or as ranches in the 1940s. Intentionally, the homes were set back further from the street to provide that "countryside" appeal as well as to reduce street noise. A number of the original Del Norte Place homes feature three bedrooms and are approximately 1,500 square-feet in size. Many historic-home aficionados compare the home designs to those found in the Willo Historic District.

What Not To Expect

Significant redo’s; homebuyers move here to preserve history, not to destroy it.
When touring homes in Del Norte Place, look around and consider that these homes were constructed around the same time as some of Phoenix's most prominent architectural landmarks. For example, nearby Phoenix College's first buildings were constructed about the same time, as were the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and the Orpheum Theatre. At that time in the city’s history, Phoenix was becoming a cultural and recreational destination — and a highly desirable one.

The Lifestyle

Since it's close to downtown Phoenix, the vibe of Del Norte Place is upbeat and urban.
While Del Norte Place was considered to be on the outskirts of town in the 1930s and 1940s, today the community is in the heart of it all. Downtown Phoenix, Comerica Theater, Chase Field and Talking Stick Resort Arena are just a few minutes away. Vintage resale stores of the Melrose District are just a couple of miles north, plus new dining venues and nightlife clubs are opening every month in the surrounding Uptown area of Phoenix.

You'll Fall In Love With

The adorable cottages, grassy front lawns, and prime location.
As Phoenix has grown into the nation's fifth-largest city, it's also experienced a renewed interest in preservation. Historical home tours are common in the winter and spring months and homebuyers purposefully select historic homes to restore and preserve them for years to come. Del Norte Place is one such community — in fact, it was named the city's best historic district in 2009 by the "Phoenix New Times."