Marlen Grove

One of the most-sought-after Haver communities in North Central Phoenix, Marlen Grove offers Mid-Century architecture and a fantastic location.

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Welcome to Marlen Grove

A Ralph Haver community.
One of the most-sought-after Haver communities in North Central Phoenix, Marlen Grove offers Mid-Century architecture and a fantastic location. In the 1950s, renowned architect Ralph Haver built hundreds of homes in what would become North Central Phoenix. Now a very desirable area of the Valley bustling with growth and built on history, North Central Phoenix is also an area that typifies Mid-Century-Modern design. These ranch homes feature distinct streetscapes, rooflines and windows — and were often ahead of their time in terms of home designs. Marlen Grove, which stretches roughly from 10th to 12th streets and from Bethany Home Road to Montebello Avenue, is one such Haver community.

The Neighbors

Families and longtime residents who want to live in North Central Phoenix and own a Mid-Century-Modern home.
Most homes in Marlen Grove — particularly those that have not been modified or remodeled — feature block construction, low-hanging rooflines and flexible floorplans. Many also feature exposed beams indoors. Because of how they were constructed with fewer load-bearing walls, many Marlen Grove homes have been remodeled and reconfigured.

What To Expect

An eclectic mix of original architecture mixed with modern splashes of flair.
When they were first sold around 1952, homes in Marlen Grove were advertised as "the best value in the West." Flyers touted two- and three-bedroom homes that had one or two bathrooms, covered patios and large lots — plus 4.25 percent interest FHA loans. This was during one of the big booms for real estate in Phoenix when single-family homes were sprouting up across town and when air conditioning or cooling was becoming more of an expected feature in new homes.

What Not To Expect

Sameness — while these original Haver homes came in four floorplans, it's hard to tell from the street; chances are good no one will mistake your home for your neighbor's.
Because of Marlen Grove's Mid-Century design aesthetic, as well as its fantastic location in North Central Phoenix, numerous design enthusiasts have been buying the homes and restoring and/or remodeling them. You'll find architectural embellishments, colorful patio treatments, extended courtyards or patios and even solar panels. They look like the original versions, just modernized.

The Lifestyle

Urban yet neighborly; North Central Phoenix is bustling with new restaurants and gastro-pubs, often just a bike ride away.
While much of the Valley's growth has traditionally been on the outskirts of town — the far East Valley or the far West Valley — recently, the heart of Phoenix has also been enjoying quite a bit of growth. All across North Central Phoenix buildings are being converted, restaurants are opening, infill housing is being constructed and homes are being bought and restored. The area is going through a rebirth — many say it's hip to live here now — and residents are loving every minute. Downtown Phoenix is only a few miles to the south and the nearest Light Rail station is less than three miles away at Central Avenue and Camelback Road.

You'll Fall In Love With

The architecture, large lots and access to downtown Phoenix.
Marlen Grove was built on what had been a citrus grove and longtime Valley dwellers know that much of the area — particularly Arcadia — was an important part of the state's powerful citrus industry. Marlen Grove was home to orange and grapefruit orchards and some of the original trees still exist today. During the springtime, the floral scent of orange blossoms still often permeates the air.