Roosevelt District

With front porches and formal dining rooms mimicking the housing market on the East Coast, the historic Craftsmen-style homes and beautiful bungalows in the Roosevelt District date back to the late 1800s, making this extraordinary neighborhood a true gem for people looking for close proximity to urban downtown Phoenix living.

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Welcome to Roosevelt

The first neighborhood in Phoenix to receive historic district designation.
If true historic charm is what you’re in the market for, the Roosevelt District may be the perfect spot. Situated from Fillmore Street to McDowell Road and Central Avenue to Seventh Avenue, original homes in the Roosevelt District were built in 1893 and are thought to have shaped the city of Phoenix in the late 19th century and early 20th century well before Arizona became a state. Ranging in size and architectural design, these traditional bungalows are well-kept and not only serve residential needs but also house a number of business professionals and offices.

The Neighbors

Residents who seek easy access to downtown Phoenix for business or entertainment and who appreciate a diverse cultural scene.
The generous size of the historic Craftsmen-style homes and bungalows in the Roosevelt District are often what first entices many buyers to the area, especially for those who wish to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends out on the porch or entertain guests in a formal dining room within a home that boasts more than 100 years of rich history. Unlike some traditional bungalows in some neighboring areas, some of the homes in the Roosevelt District are so large that they serve as offices to a number of lawyers and doctors and other business professionals who contribute to the economic development and revitalization of the community.

What To Expect

True historic bungalow homes some of which date back to the late 18th century.
Since 1981, the Roosevelt Action Association has been maintaining the historic appeal of the Roosevelt District and is actively involved with the rehabilitation and revitalization progress of the neighborhood by hosting regular meetings, providing community updates and organizing events. With the city’s focus on residential development in the Roosevelt District, this community group is dedicated to increasing involvement and awareness of this beautiful and vibrant neighborhood and upholding its diverse culture and rich history.

What Not To Expect

New home construction, contemporary architecture and/or tract housing.

The Lifestyle

Business by day and casual at night (and on the weekends), residents in the Roosevelt District take full advantage of the area’s proximity to downtown Phoenix and all it has to offer by utilizing public transportation to enjoy the arts, sporting events and nightlife.

You'll Fall In Love With

The history, the culture and being in the center of downtown Phoenix.
There’s no better spot than the Roosevelt District for people seeking direct access to the vibrant downtown Phoenix lifestyle by way of public transportation. Indeed, Roosevelt District residents can easily take advantage of the area’s diverse culture or share a meal, stroll by an art gallery, catch a sporting event, visit a museum or enjoy the opera. But Roosevelt District residents both young and old can also take part in daily activities right in their own backyard such as the First Friday Art Walk, farmers’ markets or one of the area’s grassy parks, many of which feature a background of the city’s soaring high-rise buildings.